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Could Driving Wedges Help You?


  • Do you drive a lot?
  • Do you sit a lot? In a car or anywhere else?
  • Do your legs or back ache when you are driving?
  • Are you stiff and sore when you get out of the car, truck, or RV after driving for more than a couple of hours?
  • Do you walk funny for a little while when you get to a rest stop?
  • If you have to drive for a full day or more, are you sore for days after your trip?



  • Truck drivers
  • Commuters
  • RV travelers
  • Anybody who drives
  • Anybody who sits – Yes! Driving Wedges can be used almost anywhere! Use them at home on the couch. Use them in the waiting room at the doctor’s (yes, I did that! – and it not only made me more comfortable, but people wanted to know about them).  Use them at work while sitting at your desk. Use them while flying or traveling by train or bus (assuming there is room in the seat for them).

For less than the price of a 90 minute massage, you can have a set of Driving Wedges that will give you years of driving/sitting comfort!


Driving Wedges are lightweight and very easy to use!

1) Sit in your seat and put on your seatbelt.

2) Gently tuck a wedge under each leg, with the elastic strap resting on top of your legs.

Driving Wedges 1

3) Adjust the elastic strap for your comfort. IMPORTANT: Only adjust the strap while you are completely stopped! DO NOT attempt to adjust the strap while the vehicle is moving.


4) You can move the wedges up and down the outside of your thighs as desired for your comfort and ease. If you feel a tightness or pain in your thighs, you can put the wedge there. Otherwise, wherever it feels most comfortable.

5) The strap on the wedges is partly to make sure that the wedges don’t fall at your feet. Do not remove the strap.

6) Enjoy your drive!

Testimonials for Driving Wedges

I Love My Driving Wedges

I've had my driving wedges for about 3 weeks now and I use them every time I sit in my recliner. (I also plan to use them for longer car trips.) They help keep my hips aligned so that I'm in considerably less pain when I get up. I'm not nearly as stiff or unsteady on my feet as I used to be, and my hips hurt less at night than they used to. I'm very comfortable when I use them, and they're easy to slip on and off. I highly recommend them, especially if you have hip and knee problems.


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A Must Buy!

This has been a life saver! I used it for the first time on a 12 hour car trip, and the pain I usually experienced didn't happen. The best investment I ever made! It helps for shorter rides too.


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First Thing I Noticed Is That They're Easy To Get Into Place & Quick To Adjust Comfortably

When I tried the Driving Wedges, the first thing I noticed is that they're easy to get into place and quick to adjust comfortably. The second thing I noticed - and this came as a surprise - is that my IT bands and back experienced this unexpected sigh of relief. I have a low back sciatic pinch which I'm getting chiropractic treatment for and also manual therapy. My IT bands have been hot/burning (this is a line down the side of the hip) in addition to the shooting pain in the sciatic nerve which goes down the butt and legs. I was able to choose where I wanted the wedges to be, either higher up on my mid-thigh or down closer to my knee and either was comfortable and kept my legs and back aligned. I'll be driving a lot more in the near future, so I'll be glad to have these!

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