For less than the price of a 90 minute massage, you can have a set of Driving Wedges that will give you years of driving/sitting comfort!


Are Driving Wedges safe? Do they interfere at all with your driving?

Driving Wedges are totally safe. They do not prevent you from moving your legs freely and easily while you drive. The strap prevents them from falling at your feet.

What are Driving Wedges made of?

Driving Wedges are made of integral skin polyurethane foam. They have a little give to them, so while they are firm, they don’t feel uncomfortably hard against your body. They do retain their shape with normal use.

How can I clean Driving Wedges?

Just use a little warm water and gentle soap. Do not use harsh chemicals.

Do Driving Wedges fit everyone?

They are designed to fit in a car seat. They have an adjustable elastic strap that can go as short as needed and as long as would stretch across the expanse of a car seat up to the height of the steering wheel (and actually will stretch a little longer than that).

Do they come in other colors than black?

Not at this time. Somewhere down the road, perhaps in a year or two, we’d like to offer other color options in both the wedges and the straps.

Driving Wedges are made in the USA.
Driving Wedges are Patented, both utility and design. If anyone is interested in licensing the patents, please contact me at psychickath@gmail.com.
Driving Wedges are currently sold exclusively on this website.

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