Driving Wedges are currently $99, plus $15.50 for USPS priority shipping.

Payments are accepted through PayPal. If you prefer Venmo or Zelle, please fill out the form below the Paypal form.

Driving Wedges

Stay aligned. Wedges to help keep your legs and hips aligned while you sit.


If you prefer, please fill out the contact information below and send payment to:
Venmo: @Kat-Barron-3
Zelle: psychickath@gmail.com

Please make sure that it is clear who you are in your payment information if you use Venmo or Zelle! Fill out your address and contact information below.

Please note: there is currently a limited inventory of Driving Wedges, so order now! My manufacturer tells me that the price of integral skin polyurethane foam has gone up (still waiting for the new estimates), so the price will likely increase when we need to order new inventory.

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